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Conference in Kolkata, Co-sponsored by Centre for Studies in Social Sciences and Presidency University

February 8-10, 2016

I’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to Kolkata, the culmination of the second year of the Glasgow/Calcutta project, Second Cities of in the Circuits of Empire: Glasgow / Calcutta and the Legacy of the Scottish Enlightenment. Many thanks to our host at the Centre for Studies in the Social Sciences, Rosinka Chaudhury, and to our host at Presidency, Swapan Chakravorty. Thanks also to the British Academy and to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for their support. Our attendees were also sponsored by Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and by the Australian Research Council.

For details, have a look at the project website: secondcitiesofempire.wordpress.com.┬áIn the next few days we’ll be publishing the final conference program, images from the workshop, and abstracts of the papers.


But here, for the moment, is part of the group, en route to the Centre in Salt Lake for the first day of the conference: (l-r) Nigel Leask (University of Glasgow), Primal Rao (JNU, New Delhi), Kate Teltscher (Roehampton University, UK), Dan White (University of Toronto), Deirdre Coleman (University of Melbourne), Chris Kelleher (University of Toronto), Ritwiki Misra (Centre for Research in the Social Sciences), Cleo Roberts (Liverpool University), and John Mathew (IISER, Pune).



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