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Browning at Two Hundred:  coming very soon, a special issue of Victorian Poetry

Co-edited by

Mary Ellis Gibson, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

and Britta Martens, University of the West of England.

Coming soon:

a roundtable on Browning and Victorian poetics featuring Isobel Armstrong, Sandra Donaldson, Warwick Slinn, Herbert Tucker

links to essays by

Linda Peterson

Alison Chapman

Adrienne Munich with Nicole Garrett

John Woolford

Stefan Hawlin

Erik Gray

Erin Nerstad

Linda Shires

Ulrich Knoepflmacher


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"Canoe" by David Rigsbee

Here’s the first in the series of broadsides by North Carolina poets.  A series of eight are planned, with contributions from some of North Carolina’s wonderful poets. Handset and printed in Bulmer on Somerset Velvet, with a larger edition on Mohawk Superfine Cover.

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I’m happy to report that Woven was chosen by Eileen Wallace for the Capital Show at the Center for Book Arts.  The show is up for a few more days!  Then it’s time to fetch the accordion home, poundcake style, in my big plastic cakebox-like container.  Now it’s time for broadsides–in press at the moment is David Rigsbee’s new poem “Canoe.”  Sadly though, the printer was out of sorts, and awaits one more font!

"Woven" exhibited in the Capital Show

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Bookopolis drew a wonderful crowd.  It was fun to see all ages and aesthetics mixing it up.

An intent crowd of book lovers at Bookopolis 2011

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This weekend at Bookopolis in Asheville was a treat…well over a 120 books in the show, with some forty or so in the Capital Show, juried by Eileen Wallace.  I learned a lot about books just by examining all the many possibilities.  And wonder of wonders, Woven is in the Capital Show through Thanksgiving.  Lots of wonderful work by Daniel Essig, Margaret Cogswell and others.  I loved Elsi Vassdal-Ellis’s “There goes the Neighborhood” (she from Bellingham, WA) which examines endangered neighborhoods and biodiversity.  And then on a different note was an amazing tiny book, “Outback Poem” by Sandy Webster from Brasstown.  Beautiful altered photos accompanying a letterpress poem.

Here’s “Woven” in situ.

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On Sunday, April 3, many friends of the poet Margaret Rabb, who died last winter, met to celebrate her life.  The readings from Peggy’s work and from the readers’ own work created a memorable weaving together of recollection, elegy, humor, and meditation.  Many thanks to David Rigsbee for his organization, to all who read and offered their reminiscences–and to Sharon and Chris Ringwalt for their hospitality later. Here Ron Bayes tells stories about visiting Ezra Pound.

David Rigsbee, Daphne Athas, Jill Bullitt, Ron Bayes


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Thanks to Steve Robinson of Rising Sun, Indiana, a spiffy new / old press has now landed safely in the Celo Knob Press shop.  Steve’s the greatest–good refurb, amazingly easy set up.  And now the press is up and running.  Here’s a ‘first light’ print run, along with a party invite for my graduating PhD and MA students.  You’ll also see the first production from the Samizdat Press, whose proprietor I’m allowing to use my equipment.  The Samizdat editor is working on a truth-in-labeling project he calls the Orwell Project.   First item, a set of desk cards: on one side “Big Stick” and on the other “Best Practices.”  Broadsides to come!

The shop with press

Heres the press, side view, with the inking wheel on the right.

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