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Happily the final page proofs and indexes of Anglophone Poetry in Colonial India are off to the press today, joining their twin and heavier partner Indian Angles (which should be at the printer’s now).  Many thanks to Srinivas Aravamudan and Tricia Lootens for positive comments and help and to Julia Kimmel for last minute proofreading assistance.



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CentSp.svg Wikipedia has a nice description of Centaur:

Centaur is an Humanist Type Family originally drawn as titling capitals by Bruce Rogers in 1914 for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The typeface is based upon several Renaissance models. Rogers’ primary influence for the Roman was Nicholas Jenson’s 1475 Laertis, considered the model for the modern Roman alphabet.

Centaur also shows the influence of types cut by Francesco Griffo in 1495 for a small book titled De Aetna written by Pietro Bembo. The 1929 typeface Bembo, is based primarily upon that specimen. Rogers later added the Roman lowercase, and the italic, based upon Ludovico Arrighi’s 1520 chancery face, was drawn by Frederic Warde, and is the typeface released for general use in 1929 by the Monotype Corporation Ltd.


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Indian Angles is now in proof, and it uses a beautiful typeface, Centaur. Watch for a sample page here. Centaur is a twentieth-century typeface which modifies one of Jenson’s early faces. The book designers at Ohio UP are grand–and they’ve done a lovely job with the illustrations too.

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