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Glasgow was buzzing yesterday, even though the turnout here was lower than expected–about 74%. People looked energized and engaged, having a good day out and talking on street corners about the vote.  Here’s a sampling of what I saw on my walk to and from work.  Thanks to all who allowed me to photograph them.  As you will see, the Yes voters were visual and vocal.  The No voters largely kept their own counsel.  Such lovely faces and friendly people.

polling sign

yes at the polls

no at the polls


grandparents and child

three friends with phone and glasses shop window girlfriends with campaign stuff glaswegians with balloons fergus in blue


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The Referendum / A year in Scotland

It’s been an interesting year for Celo Knob Press, for academic writing and for Scotland, not in that order. Yesterday’s referendum was exhilarating in many ways. Americans can only dream of an 84% turnout.  The Yes vote was much less nationalist than it might seem from afar.  Rather Yes voters were often calling for civil society and for the social good, despite the ways the campaign was often depicted in the press.  And the No campaign in Scotland (as opposed to those speaking from London) behaved well, despite the contemptuous attitudes expressed in the national press.  We can hope young Scottish voters stay engaged.  Here are some folks I encountered on my way home from work on referendum day. Voters in both camps looked very subdued today, the day after.

Children in the West End on referendum day

Children in the West End on referendum day

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